Puerto Misahualli is located in the Napo Province which is part of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle. The altitude is approximately 470 meters above sea level, and it is surrounded by two large rivers. The first river is called, Misahualli River which is of touristic preference for its clean and clear waters, natural sand beach and free-living capuchin monkeys. The second river, called Napo River flows from the ice top of the Cotopaxi volcano. The Napo River is large and long creating an extensive path through the Amazon; it is the main river canoes and boats navigate through to visit various river communities and touristic stops.

Misahualli approximately has a population of 5,500 people and it is part of the higher Amazon territory, which is known to have the most variety of insects, and plants per square meter. This area consists of primary forests, 100+ year-old trees, natural waterfalls, lagoons, islands, and caves. These attractions are the most visited by tourists to observe birds, insects and tropical vegetation.


  • Latas Waterfall
  • El Ceibo – Very large and old tree
  • Botanical Garden Amarun Causay
  • Protected Forest Venecia
  • Shiripuno Community
  • Muyuna Community
  • Ayllu Awarina Community
  • Jatun Sacha Biological Station
  • Kamak Maki Museum
  • Amazoonico Animal Rescue Center


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